Blinded by the Cuteness

By Megan Olson



I have a love hate relationship with my puppy. I love her because she is adorable, and the sweetest thing on this planet. She is always there when you have a bad day and need something to relax you or cheer you up. She is also there to play and keep you warm at night! I hate puppies because they are stinkers. As soon as you take them outside, they will come back inside and go bathroom on the floor. Then because they are so cute, it’s hard to get mad at them and “teach them a lesson” as some people may call it. The hardest thing for me is figuring out how to discipline this cute little puppy for going bathroom on the floor. She has the cute puppy face that is hard to resist. How did you train your dogs? Did you read puppy training books? I am having a hard time training my cute puppy who I love, and hate all at the same time.

Blue Mango Cottages of Castara

By Emmanuel Joseph


Castara is a peaceful fishing village nestled into the northern coast of Tobago. Whenever I go to Tobago, I always take the winding road to this less frequented part of the island to get away from the tourist crowds. In my opinion, Castara’s best kept accommodation secret is a quaint, wooden cottage built into the cliff at one end of the bay. ‘Blue Mango Cottages‘ even boasts its own private cove where visitors can relax and fall asleep to the sound of waves gently rolling up the sand. If you prefer, you can lay in the hammock on the balcony above the cove and admire the majestic views of the bay. For dinner, simply walk over to the home of whichever of your neighbors who is advertising a meal that night. People will welcome you warmly and usually serve up a delicious combination of the catch of the day paired with local staples. My favorite meal in Castara was peppery jumbo shrimp, a juicy Mahi Mahi steak, and a side of crushed yam. I still dream about it sometimes.

5 Tips for Your Job Search

By Kari Bodine

  1. Perfect your application materials

According to CareerBuilder, 58% of employers won’t consider a resume with typos.  Have your materials reviewed before submitting them to the hiring manager.

  1. Network!

I’m sure you’ve heard “It’s who you know, not what you know.” A personal connection might get your foot in the door faster than the most impressive resume. Utilize your resources and build professional relationships earlier than you expect you’ll need to.

  1. Clean up your social media

According to the Huffington Post, 80% of employers Google job seekers before offering an interview.  Make sure you know what they are seeing and remove anything inappropriate that might hinder your chances of getting hired.

  1. Do your research

Knowledge is power.  If you understand the company’s culture and mission before the interview, you will show your interest in the position as well as better communicate how you fit in with the company.

  1. Prepare for the interview

Research common questions in your field, schedule a mock interview with Career Services, rehearse your responses using Skype – there are many ways to prepare!  Be sure to dress professionally, keep hair and nails well groomed, and keep your cell phone out of sight!

Weekly Job Opportunities: Jan. 30-Feb. 3

By Kari Bodine


 Feb 17th – Customs and Border Protection Reps – Student Center Hallway, 11:00 am – 1:00 pm – Any major

 Feb 24th – Camp of the Cross Ministries – Recruiting Summer Staff, Garrison ND – Student Center Hallway, 9:00am – 3:00pm – Any major

Friday, February 26th – DEADLINE to submit a Summer Internship application – You do not need an internship placement by the time you apply. Late applications will NOT be accepted!

 Mar 1st – Part Time Jobs and Summer Opportunities – 11:00 am – 2:00 pm – Great Plains Ballroom, NDSU Student Center –


 Case-aide, ND Supreme Court – part time 10-20 hours/month – Jamestown or Valley City region – assisting with drug testing, curfew checks, monitoring and mentoring – to apply or find out more information, contact Brian Washburn at 701-252-9039 or – open until filled

 Case Aide, Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation – temporary position 20 hours/week – multiple positions available in Fargo, Minot, Williston, Dickinson, Devils Lake, Bismarck and Grand Forks – Contact Megan Voigt for more information and how to apply – 701-667-1465 or – open until filled

 Customer Service Specialist – Evolution 1, Fargo – apply at – open until filled

 Operations Specialist – Evolution 1, Fargo – apply at – open until filled

 Emergency Preparedness Program Rep – ND Dept. of Health – temporary, Bismarck – preference given to applicants with a bachelor’s degree – apply at – closes 2/25

 Administrative Assistant – Boys & Girls Club of the Red River Valley, Fargo – submit cover letter and resume to Sara Holtan at – open until filled

 Receptionist – Dermatology Professionals, Bemidji MN – full or part time – send cover letter and resume to – open until filled

 Data Services Coordinator – Prairie Public Broadcasting, Fargo – application available at – open until filled

 IT Service Desk Specialist – RDO Equipment Co., Fargo – – open until filled

 Admissions Representative – University of Mary, position based in Fargo – – open until filled


 Project Management Intern – Evolution 1, Fargo – apply at – open until filled

 Marketing Intern – Evolution 1, Fargo – apply at – open until filled

 Pick-up Secretary Intern – Centrol Crop Consulting, Valley City – working within a 30-60 mile radius, May 15-Aug 15 – Competitive pay, 30-80 hours per week with overtime pay – Contact Nick Paulsrud at 701-371-6191 or

 Summer Interns – Basin Electric Power Cooperative, various locations – – open until filled


Teaching Positions:

K-12 Instrumental and Vocal Music – Herman Norcross School District, Herman MN – closes 3/11

 High School Science – Devils Lake Public Schools – Devils Lake – closes 3/31

 K-12 Teachers – Garden City Public Schools – Garden City KS – closes 3/11

 Special Education Teacher – Owatonna Public Schools – Owatonna MN – closes 3/31

 Media Specialist – Owatonna Public Schools – Owatonna MN – closes 3/31

 Sheridan County School District #2 – Sheridan WY

                Elementary Teachers

                Elementary Art

                Elementary Special Education

                Secondary Math

                Secondary Science

                Secondary English/Language Arts

                Secondary Band

Successful Students: Via Learning Center, Tutoring

By Monica Moore

The Learning Center is in the lower level of Vangstad Hall. This is where the action happens!! We have students who are athletes that utilize the space with their team as well as coming in on their own. We have tutors who are available 6 days/evenings a week to help with writing skills, math, and/or accounting. We work with all departments to help find a tutor for a specific need, such as biology.

For a student to be successful they have to know what is available to them and how it will benefit them. They also need organizational skills to keep them on track, we can help with all of that and more! Please come down and check us out! Also, located within our office is Career Services, to help you get on track financially and if you need an internship they are the ones to see. Student Academic Services is located here as well and can help you make sure you are on the right track with the classes you are taking and your future career. Come and see us!! We are in the Center for Academic Vision & Engagement (CAVE).

App of the Week: Charity Miles

By: Dr. Shannon VanHorn- Director of Distance Education and Faculty Development

Do you run, jog, or bike? Use the treadmills at the Fitness Center? Why not raise money for a charity at the same time?

Charity Miles is a free app for iPhones and Androids that tracks when you walk, jog, or bike. The creators of the app have brought onboard corporations who then donate 25 cents per mile when you walk or jog and 10 cents a mile when you bike to one of several charities available.

Those charities include The Michael J. Fox Foundation, Feeding America, Habitat for Humanity, Wounded Warrior Project, and Special Olympics. You can choose a different charity each time you log miles, or keep the same one.

Once you log into the site, and choose your charity and activity, the app begins logging your miles. When you are done, simply click the red button and your miles and the money you earned for your organization will appear.

You can even form a team so that your group raises money together for a single cause.

Raising money for charity is easy and can add up! Before you go for that walk or jog, be it outdoors or indoors, be sure to download Charity Miles.

It’s More Than a House it’s Home

By Lindsey White

From the street looking up the long, steep driveway, you see a grey, contemporary form with windows.  The house has a wood exterior that I helped my boyfriend paint with a spray gun and rollers a few years back, and there are some stubborn places that the grey paint has chipped away and the 1980’s brown paint is trying to crawl out. I like to think of the woodpecker holes and minor flaking paint spots as the flaws that make a house more approachable, less cold more lived in.

Inside the house are more geometric angles, from the vaulted ceilings to the sharp right angles of the design, lightly coated in colors of black, white and grey. There are few colors in the bones of the house, but the lives lived within the walls are overflowing with color.  My family is my home, and they have the most brilliantly colored personalities that the color of the walls only makes their love and happiness shine brighter.

Beyond the walls, there are trees that mask the highway which leads me into the world, where, as long as my family is with me, I will be home no matter where I am.

You Don’t Choose Home, Home Chooses You

By Ellie Davis

I didn’t choose my home, it chose me. I‘ve lived in Green River, Wyoming for most of my life. I’ve gone other places, lived other places. I love to travel, but this is home. Green River may not be covered with lush vegetation, but the buttes are spectacular every evening when the sunset lights them up in a myriad of oranges, reds and pinks. The river is calming. The heart of the town is Expedition Island. A one-armed man, John Wesley Powell & crew, set out in rowboats to explore and map the Green and Colorado Rivers, and discovered that they lead to the Grand Canyon. The elements that make where I live ‘home’ though, are my family and friends, candlelight and incense, a cozy fire in the woodstove, midnight tea parties, and music! Live music and artmaking. Deep talks that guide us through the night until dawn. Cats and the dog cuddling up while I read a good book.  The mountain behind the house and the garden and flowers out back in summer. Love. Love is my home. And when I pull up into the driveway home is that sigh of relief that I release to be here.

Student Senate, Student Voices

By Morgan Nalley

Valley City State University Student Senate is a group of students that are either appointed or voted into an officer position which represent the rest of the VCSU student body. Each academic department on the VCSU campus and other significant groups or organizations appoint individual students that they believe best represents them. Executive staff members are then voted into office to head the student governed organization.

The organization allows for those who are involved to lead, represent, make decisions, and collaborate with significant issues on the VCSU campus and within the North Dakota State University system. “Having student senate on campus is a great opportunity to discuss campus concerns, and celebrate the success of the students of VCSU,” said Student Senator Kathleen Gallis. “It gives students a chance to have their voices heard, and the potential to make a difference on both the campus and state levels.”

Student Senators are responsible for attending weekly Monday night meetings, monthly North Dakota Student Association meetings, and fpr performing and hosting other events and services on the VCSU campus. “I’m passionate about representing my peers, and I enjoy being informed and being able to inform others,” said Gallis. “I also enjoy attending student senate because it’s an opportunity to interact with people I normally would not meet or spend time with.”

VCSU Student Senate meets weekly on Monday nights at 6:30 p.m. in the Lower Level Conference room in the VCSU Student Center. All students are welcome to attend the meetings or leave comments and concerns in the box located outside of Student Senate office next to the cafeteria.