App of the Week: Charity Miles

By: Dr. Shannon VanHorn- Director of Distance Education and Faculty Development

Do you run, jog, or bike? Use the treadmills at the Fitness Center? Why not raise money for a charity at the same time?

Charity Miles is a free app for iPhones and Androids that tracks when you walk, jog, or bike. The creators of the app have brought onboard corporations who then donate 25 cents per mile when you walk or jog and 10 cents a mile when you bike to one of several charities available.

Those charities include The Michael J. Fox Foundation, Feeding America, Habitat for Humanity, Wounded Warrior Project, and Special Olympics. You can choose a different charity each time you log miles, or keep the same one.

Once you log into the site, and choose your charity and activity, the app begins logging your miles. When you are done, simply click the red button and your miles and the money you earned for your organization will appear.

You can even form a team so that your group raises money together for a single cause.

Raising money for charity is easy and can add up! Before you go for that walk or jog, be it outdoors or indoors, be sure to download Charity Miles.

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