Blinded by the Cuteness

By Megan Olson



I have a love hate relationship with my puppy. I love her because she is adorable, and the sweetest thing on this planet. She is always there when you have a bad day and need something to relax you or cheer you up. She is also there to play and keep you warm at night! I hate puppies because they are stinkers. As soon as you take them outside, they will come back inside and go bathroom on the floor. Then because they are so cute, it’s hard to get mad at them and “teach them a lesson” as some people may call it. The hardest thing for me is figuring out how to discipline this cute little puppy for going bathroom on the floor. She has the cute puppy face that is hard to resist. How did you train your dogs? Did you read puppy training books? I am having a hard time training my cute puppy who I love, and hate all at the same time.


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