Blue Mango Cottages of Castara

By Emmanuel Joseph


Castara is a peaceful fishing village nestled into the northern coast of Tobago. Whenever I go to Tobago, I always take the winding road to this less frequented part of the island to get away from the tourist crowds. In my opinion, Castara’s best kept accommodation secret is a quaint, wooden cottage built into the cliff at one end of the bay. ‘Blue Mango Cottages‘ even boasts its own private cove where visitors can relax and fall asleep to the sound of waves gently rolling up the sand. If you prefer, you can lay in the hammock on the balcony above the cove and admire the majestic views of the bay. For dinner, simply walk over to the home of whichever of your neighbors who is advertising a meal that night. People will welcome you warmly and usually serve up a delicious combination of the catch of the day paired with local staples. My favorite meal in Castara was peppery jumbo shrimp, a juicy Mahi Mahi steak, and a side of crushed yam. I still dream about it sometimes.

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