You Don’t Choose Home, Home Chooses You

By Ellie Davis

I didn’t choose my home, it chose me. I‘ve lived in Green River, Wyoming for most of my life. I’ve gone other places, lived other places. I love to travel, but this is home. Green River may not be covered with lush vegetation, but the buttes are spectacular every evening when the sunset lights them up in a myriad of oranges, reds and pinks. The river is calming. The heart of the town is Expedition Island. A one-armed man, John Wesley Powell & crew, set out in rowboats to explore and map the Green and Colorado Rivers, and discovered that they lead to the Grand Canyon. The elements that make where I live ‘home’ though, are my family and friends, candlelight and incense, a cozy fire in the woodstove, midnight tea parties, and music! Live music and artmaking. Deep talks that guide us through the night until dawn. Cats and the dog cuddling up while I read a good book.  The mountain behind the house and the garden and flowers out back in summer. Love. Love is my home. And when I pull up into the driveway home is that sigh of relief that I release to be here.


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