Winter Show: It’s the Greatest Time of the Year

By Lisa Rush

It is coming up on my FAVORITE time in Valley City, North Dakota where the little city is bustling with people. “What time is this?” you may be asking; well it is the North Dakota Winter Show of course! Starting on March 4th the Winter Show barns will become packed with food vendors, horses and other farm animals (no worries the animals do not get free roam so they will not be trying to eat your hot dog out of your hands if you plan to go up there).

This is my favorite time of the year for two reasons; one, they have a pickup pull that my father and I always try to go to together and two, my uncle and cousins who I rarely ever get to see come down on the weekend to enjoy the concert and the rodeo. All in all, that week can be pretty entertaining even if you are not into the country life.

Link for more information on the wintershow!

It’s Bloody Brilliant

By Lindsey White

This week I wanted to share an upcoming event that is happening at Valley City State University.  I chose something that I think is very important and want to spread the word about, so let me share some details about the upcoming blood drive on campus.

The blood drive will be on February 2, 2017 between 9am and 3pm on campus in the Skoal Room.  The Student Nurse Organization is sponsoring this drive and has a goal set for 100 donors.  You can schedule an appointment at by entering the “sponsor code” VCSU.  

You can also find more details regarding this blood drive as well as a copy of the flyer via the VCSU Hotline Newsletter (here is the link: ).

Menu: Jan. 30th-Feb. 3rd

Monday: Chicken Fried Steak, Mashed Potatoes & Country Gravy with Corn. Cream Cheese Brownies.


Tuesday: Bbq. Pulled Pork Sandwich, Macaroni & Cheese with Carrots.


Wednesday: Baja Fish Tacos, Chicken Noodle Bowl with California Blend Vegetable. Lemon Bars.


Thursday: Pepperoni Lover’s Calzones, Spaghetti w/ Marinara with Fresh Broccoli .Salted Caramel & Bacon Whoopie Pies.


Friday: Spicy Italian Biggie Sandwich, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Long Grain Wild Rice w/ Bechamel Sauce, Winter Blend Vegetable. Homemade Apple Crisp with Whipped Topping.