Home From a Pet’s Perspective

By Sarah Tyre

Every morning I wake from my slumber inside a coil of blankets to hunt for my breakfast. My family does not appreciate my skill and prowess. I leap to the top of their mattress and paw on their faces. They do not move. My hunt begins solo.

I jump from their beds and head to the sock jungle. I will let you in on a secret about the sock jungle. It may seem treacherous but it is nothing compared to the two seas the family calls “laundry baskets”. In the sock jungle I find a catnip fortune cookie. I throw it around for awhile before deciphering that it is dead. That cookie died a long time ago.

Feeling discouraged in the sock jungle, I head to my second favorite spot in the house: the oasis. The oasis contains a blue porcelain basin where there is always water. I first discovered the oasis when I heard the water dripping from the blue basin the humans call the tub. You must be careful not to fall in however.

Not willing to risk the oasis today, I head to my favorite spot in the world. The kitchen counter. Yes. The kitchen counter is alive with crumbs and surfaces perfect for licking. I must be careful not to alert the authorities. I bound to the top and I am in luck! A water glass was left out the night before.

Oh no! I hear the family rustling about. Back to the floor I go.

It all works out in the end. The family has caught breakfast and places it on my royal dish. I head over to the window for my daily nap and watch the snow gently fall onto the cast iron rails of the balcony. Tomorrow I will conquer my sworn enemy: the bookshelf.

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