This is Life

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 1.54.32 PM.png

Rolling hills stretch to infinity- Waves of captured motion. There IS a beauty in longing. Oh-

I hope there is- for my cup is full of it. But this- is my Muse.

At midnight, the stars whispered my name last night, reassuring me that I- am not alone.

The planets wheel through- spheres murmur and sing, sprinkling bits of star-song in my mind and star-shine in my eyes.

Inner-space reaching out with that primal force that drives us to gather round bonfires at night- Dancing wildly- Voices wailing out what cannot be articulated for it is too much.

Too strong. Too-

deep. In awe I watch the silhouettes as they leap and dance- Dreads flying, and everything slows- Down.

For a moment.

A pause-

To reflect- that THIS is life.

With drums pounding out my hearts rhythm and synchronizing me with the earth and

those whispering stars-



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