App of the Week: Instant Buttons

By Shannon VanHorn, Director of Distance Learning and Faculty Development

A couple of years ago, I attended a conference in which the presentation was a bit dry. She was presenting a lot of technical info, and when she asked us a question, it was dead silent.

Then we heard it: Crickets!

But it was too late in the year for crickets to be around.

The sound of crickets was coming from her phone, which she was also using as a remote. From just a push of a finger, she created that sound when no one was answering her question.  Finally someone did, and there was applause coming from her phone.

She then told us all about Instant Buttons.

Instant Buttons is a fun app that can be used to create sound for the mood of the moment.  From a sad trombone to Ferrell’s “Happy,” from television theme shows such as “Big Bang Theory,” “HIMYM,” “Batman,” and “The Flintstones” to characters, such as Chewbacca, Santa, and Homer Simpson, this app is entertaining and can humor to many situations.

You can create a favorites list, hide those you do not like, and even create your own sound buttons.

Instant buttons can be found in the App store, Google Play, and Galaxy Apps for quick downloading, and are supported by Crema games.  Got a great idea for a sound? Let Crema know and they may include in their upgrades.

Warning: the buttons are addicting.

Check it out and see which ones you like!

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