AppS of the Week: Honey and Paribus—Money Saving and Making Shopping Apps

By Shannon VanHorn, Director of Distance Learning and Faculty Development

It happens all the time. I spend money on an item only to discover a week later that it’s on sale (and $20 cheaper). Or I’m buying something online and I see box for a coupon code. I never have one, so if there’s a deal, I’m missing out. Then my daughter alerted me to these apps!

Honey searches for digital coupons from thousands of online stores.  Those stores are everything from Shutterfly to Express to Amazon to Levis to Tractor Supply Compnay to Maurices to Burpee Seeds to True Value to Jellybelly to JC Penneys to J.R. Cigars to Expedia to, well, you get the pictures.

You do need to create a log-in and password, but then you can search for stores in which they will supply you with codes and let you know if something is on sale.

One fun feature is it will tell you if you are getting the best price on your Amazon purchases. Before you complete a purchase, it will pop up and let you know if a cheaper version exists. You can even learn bonus money from some of the stores (all stores with a G inside a box)!

 Honey is available on all browsers except Explorer:

 Paribus actually gives you money back should an item go on sale shortly after you purchased it.

After you have downloaded Paribus (you can find it in most app stores), it will look for e-mail receipts of items you have purchased within the past 14 days or so. If it finds any, it will scan it and look for price drops from the store.

If it sees a difference, it will request the refund for you. It does charge you a 25 percent commission fee. But it is time-saving rather than scouring every ad every week in hopes of paying less.

One issue, and it may be a big one for you: you need to give them more information than you may want to an internet site: your full e-mail address, credit card info (so it can put in for the refunds) and if you want them to do Amazon, your Amazon password. They do purport the highest of security, but really, anyone can be hacked.

Happy Shopping and saving money!

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