Savory Social Media Sweets Causing a Craze

By Morgan Nalley

Long before technology and social media the best recipes were historically secret family traditions. Some recipes could only be found in the minds of our great grandmothers, or stuffed in their dirty brown recipe boxes scribbled on scrap paper, which are nearly impossible to interpret. Now, social media has offered an outlet for cooking blogs and vlogs to be shared virally with the rest of the internet world.

Scrolling through Facebook, you always catch yourself stuck wasting three minutes watching the creation of “The Most Amazing Chocolate Cake” or “Samoa Brownies” inspired by the famous Girl Scout cookies.

Recipes are literally being placed right before our eyes, but are they being taken advantage of? Where are these recipes coming from? Do they belong to someone’s great grandma?

Let’s face it though, out of the millions of views that these recipe vlogs are getting how many viewers are saving, writing down, or actually creating their own delicious master piece? Are we missing out on spending quality time making memories in the kitchen with our grandparents because of this new craze that has hit the internet?

Next time you see one of these recipes, instead of wasting another three minutes watching the video and then just scrolling beyond it to then later forget about it, go to your grandma’s house and ask her how to make “The Most Amazing Chocolate Cake.”

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