App of the Week: Countdown Timer

By Dr. Shannon VanHorn, Director of Distance Learning and Faculty Development

It’s week 12 in the semester! Just six weeks left and then finals. For some of you, the semester has probably gone quickly. For others, it may seem like it’s dragging on.

Countdown Timer is actually that—a timer that countdowns the time to a big event, be it a new baby, a wedding, a birthday, a vacation, and even the end of a semester!

This app is available not only for iOS, Android, and Window users, but also as a web page you can bookmark for easy retrieval. Or you can place the URL on a website, too.

Once you go to the website or download the app, you can choose the font you wish for the title, along with the date and time down to seconds if you wish.

I suggest not putting in the place of the event.  I tried typing in Valley City and Valley City State University and it took me to a list of more than a hundred places to choose from that had the word “Valley” in it somewhere, but not “our” Valley City.

So as you are looking forward to that special day, be it graduation, the end of a job, or Christmas, the Countdown Timer will help you count down the weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds toward towards that big event!

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