App of the Week: Find My Car

By Dr. Shannon VanHorn, Director of Distance Learning and Faculty Development

I was in Minneapolis at a meeting, when I parked my car in a parking ramp. I thought I paid attention where I parked my car, and when the meeting concluded (at 2 p.m. on a Friday), I thought “Great! I can get out of downtown Minneapolis before rush hour out the cities beings!”

One problem.

I could not find my car.

I knew I was not far from the elevator to the door, but didn’t see my vehicle. So I clicked the panic button (yes, the annoying horn).  I HEARD my car, but didn’t see it. Suddenly I was panicked.

After 20 minutes of wandering, it dawned on me that my vehicle was on a different level. Ten minutes later I was on my way out of the cities.

Later that day, I downloaded MyCar Locator.

This app uses the GPS position of your car (or other location you give it) and shows you where it is on a map. It helps you navigate to your vehicle. You can take a picture of your parking spot, send it to friends or family members, and even enter notes about where you parked.

This app is free for both Android and iOS systems, although there are a few ads that may show in the app. If you wish to be ad free, you can purchase that version for about $1.25.

 So if you are one to often forget where you parked, this app can save you time from wandering the parking lot, especially on a hot summer’s day or a freezing cold wintery night.

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