Menu: May 1st – May 5th

Monday: Taco loafer sandwich, tater tots, buttered corn, penne pasta, spinach & chicken bowl, honey mustard chicken wrap and cream cheese brownie, knefla soup.

Tuesday: Wisconsin cheese soup, turkey chipotle wrap, sweet & sour chicken, ham & noodle Au gratin casserole, peas & carrots and peanut butter bars.

Wednesday: Beef & Sweet peppers soup, chicken Parmesan sandwich, rotini pasta w/ puttanesca sauce, Swedish meatballs over mashed potatoes and buttered corn, scotcharoo’s.

Thursday: Chicken tortilla soup, saint Louis chicken club wrap, fettuccine Alfredo, chicken patty Parmesan with pasta marinara and steamed broccoli and marshmallow rice krispie bars.

Friday: Happy Cinco De Mayo!! Chicken fajita, taco salad wrap, burrito bar with all the fixings, guacamole, pico, fresh baked tortilla chips, Mexican hot chocolate with cinnamon & sugar churros. Come and enjoy the music and great food. Our ladies will have the sombreros on.

Menu: April 24th – April 28th

Monday: Nacho Hot Dog Bar, Baked Beans, Doritos, with all the fixings. Chef Salad Wrap, Knefla Soup, Chunkey Monkey Brownie.

Tuesday: Sloppy Joe, Garlic Roasted Potato, Buttered Corn, Imperial Fried Rice and Oreo seven layer bars.

Wednesday: Beef Chili, Chicken Lo Mein, Hamburger Goulash, Mixed Vegetable, BLT Sandwich, Brownie Pizza.

Thursday: Crispy Chicken Salad, Garden Vegetable Penne Pesto, Chicken Cordon Blue, Long Grain Wild Rice, Steamed Broccoli, Homemade Twix Bar.

Friday: Made to order deli bar with fresh baked sub buns, Chicken Tortilla Soup, Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry,  Four Cheese and Bacon Mac & Cheese, Lemon Cheesecake bars w/ Strawberry topping.

Menu: April 10th -April 13th

Monday: Macaroni, Ham & Cheese Pie with Italian Vegetables and Knefla Soup.

Tuesday: Tater Tot Casserole, Fresh Green Beans, Taco Salad Wrap and Wisconsin Cheese Soup.

Wednesday: Seared Beef Fajita, Beef Taco, Spanish Rice, Chicken Dumpling Soup.

Thursday: Baked Potato Bar with all the fixings, Vegetable Soup, Oreo 7 layer Brownies.

Friday: Observing Good Friday (closed) We will be open in Viking I from 11:00-1:30

Menu: April 3rd – April 7th

Monday: Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes & gravy and buttered corn. If you are looking for a fun lunch we have music in the cafe by the music department. 

Tuesday: Bbq. pulled pork on a toasted bun, macaroni & cheese with steamed carrots.

Wednesday: Chicken noodle bowl, California blend, Baja fish taco and bacon cheeseburgers on the grill.

Thursday: Bbq. Thai chicken, chicken fried rice, steamed broccoli and chicken tortilla soup.

Friday: Easter Buffet

Menu: Mar. 27th – Mar. 31st

Monday: Tater Tot Casserole, Mixed Vegetables, Taco Salad Wrap and Brownies.

Tuesday: We are celebrating something on a stick day. We are having Corn Dogs, Macaroni & Cheese with Baked Beans. Teriyaki Chicken on a stick, Ice Cream and Fudge Bars for Dessert.

Wednesday: We have 400 extra students today we are having Beef Tacos, Bacon wrapped Hot dogs, Rice Krispies bars.

Thursday: Sausage & Pepper Pot Stew over Puff Pastry,Steamed Corn, Fried Gnocchi,Crispy Chicken Salad.

Friday: Lasagna, Fresh Green Beans, Asian Pepper Steak, Seafood Chowder and Lemon Cheesecake.

Menu: Mar. 20th – Mar. 24th

Monday: Today we are celebrating National Ravioli Day!!! We have Beef Raviolis on our Entree line and Fried Cheese Raviolis in Alfredo Sauce on our Exhibition line. We hope you enjoy.

Tuesday: Spaghetti & Meat Sauce with Mixed Vegetable.

 Wednesday: Chicken Tortilla Casserole with Grilled Mexican Vegetable.

 Thursday: Homestyle Chicken Bowl with Steamed Corn

 Friday: Chicken A la King over Buttermilk Biscuit with Steamed Green Beans.

Menu: Mar. 6th – Mar. 10th

Monday: Macaroni, Ham & Cheese Pie, Italian Vegetable, Knefla soup and Rice Krispy  bars.

 Tuesday: Tater Tot casserole, Mixed Vegetable, Taco Salad wrap and Brownies.

 Wednesday: Beef tacos, Spanish Rice, refried beans, Chef Salad Wrap and Chicken Dumpling Soup.

 Thursday: Baked Potato Bar, Seven Layer Bars and Chipotle Chicken Fajita Wrap.

 Friday: Cooks Choice for the start of Spring break.

Menu: Feb 27th – Mar.

Monday: Chicken Fried Steak, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Steamed Corn, Cream Cheese Brownies, Knefla Soup.

 Tuesday: We are celebrating Mardi Gras!!! Cajun Cooking. Red Beans & Rice, Cajun Buttered Corn on the Cobb, Jalapeno Corn Bread, Fried Chicken Poboy’s on the wrap station, Shrimp Creole on the Saute, Caramel Cheese Cake and Bacon and Beer Brownie Cup Cakes.

 Wednesday: Chicken Noodle Bowl, California Blend, Baja Fish Tacos for Ash Wednesday and Lemon Bars.

 Thursday: Thai Bbq. Chicken, Vegetable Lo Mein, Broccoli and Whoopie Pies.

 Friday: Lent Lunch Crispy Fried Cod, Long Grain Wild Rice, Winter Blend Vegetable, Spicy Italian Sandwich and Blueberry Crisp.

Menu: Feb. 21st -24th

Tuesday 21st–Hearty Beef Vegetable Soup, Broccoli Cheddar Cheese Soup, Beef & Pork Italian Meatballs, Spinach with Garlic & Onion, Chicken & Cheese Quesadilla, Made to Order Deli Bar, Imperial Stir-Fried Rice, Oreo Seven Layer Bars.

Wednesday 22nd–Cream of Tomato Soup, Thick & Zesty Beef Chili, Chipotle Chicken & Queso Fresco Taco, Mexican Brown Rice, Sofrito Black Beans, Grilled Reuben, Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog, Chick Pea & Vegetable Moroccan Stew,  Meatlover’s Pizza, Cheerios Bar.

Thursday 23rd–Bacon Corn Chowder, Knefla Soup, Sausage & Pepper Pot Pie with Biscuit, Steamed Corn, Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich, Crispy Chicken Salad, Gnocchi with Brown Butter & Sage Pasta Bowl, Gooey Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars.

Friday 24th–Classic New England Clam Chowder, Beef, Barley & Mushroom Soup, Meat Lasagna, Fresh Green Beans, Rajun Cajun Burger, Acapulco Chicken Wrap, Asian Pepper Steak Stir Fry, Lemon Cheesecake Bar with Strawberry Topping.