Free Public VCSU Planetarium Show

Valley City State University Planetarium Director, Wes Anderson, announced that there will be a free public Planetarium Show Saturday, Feb. 25th at 1 pm.

“Finding Polaris II,” is a guided tour of the night sky by Polaris, The North Star. Other major stars of the springtime sky will be featured as well: Arcturus, Spica, Regulus, Capella, and Thuban. Kids of all ages will be offered a fun and educational experience.

The VCSU Planetarium is located on the third floor of Rhoades Science Center in room 309. There is no charge, but there will be a free will donation box.

Come one, Come All

By: Lisa Rush

Fargo Civic Center is the place to be on February 22! Well, it is the place to be if you are interested in any of the following musicians: Skillet, Sick Puppies and Devour the Day. In case you are still confused as to what I am talking about, these bands I previously mentioned are stopping in Fargo as part of Skillet – The Unleashed Tour! Devour the Day is a band I have never actually heard of before but Skillet and Sick Puppies are bands that I have been listening to since my freshman year of high school. If you are ever looking for some new music I would highly recommend these two bands.

If you decide to check out Skillet one song I recommend is called “The Older I Get”, this is the first song I ever heard by them and instantly fell in love. Then if you decide to check out Sick Puppies a song I recommend is called “All the Same”. This is a mellower song compared to some of their others and is also the first song I ever heard of theirs. I know this is one concert I will not be missing out on!

VCSU Art on display at North Dakota Museum of Art

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By Morgan Nalley

Valley City State University Art Faculty and an Art Student are exhibiting work at the North Dakota Museum of Art in Grand Forks, ND. The exhibit will be on display “This Week Only” Feb. 5th-12th.

This exhibit is an opportunity to discover new and current artist’s that are working in this region of the nation. The three artists that have artwork on display from VCSU are Art Faculty Karri Dieken and Brock Drenth, along with Art Major Megan Fuller.

Dieken is displaying her digital cross stitch “Kodaka,” Drenth is displaying his painting “Spring Thaw #2,” and Fuller is displaying her lithograph “Tell Me I’m Dead.”

Winter Show: It’s the Greatest Time of the Year

By Lisa Rush

It is coming up on my FAVORITE time in Valley City, North Dakota where the little city is bustling with people. “What time is this?” you may be asking; well it is the North Dakota Winter Show of course! Starting on March 4th the Winter Show barns will become packed with food vendors, horses and other farm animals (no worries the animals do not get free roam so they will not be trying to eat your hot dog out of your hands if you plan to go up there).

This is my favorite time of the year for two reasons; one, they have a pickup pull that my father and I always try to go to together and two, my uncle and cousins who I rarely ever get to see come down on the weekend to enjoy the concert and the rodeo. All in all, that week can be pretty entertaining even if you are not into the country life.

Link for more information on the wintershow!