Menu: Mar. 20th – Mar. 24th

Monday: Today we are celebrating National Ravioli Day!!! We have Beef Raviolis on our Entree line and Fried Cheese Raviolis in Alfredo Sauce on our Exhibition line. We hope you enjoy.

Tuesday: Spaghetti & Meat Sauce with Mixed Vegetable.

 Wednesday: Chicken Tortilla Casserole with Grilled Mexican Vegetable.

 Thursday: Homestyle Chicken Bowl with Steamed Corn

 Friday: Chicken A la King over Buttermilk Biscuit with Steamed Green Beans.

Weekly Job Opportunities: Mar. 6th – Mar. 10th


Thurs. Mar 23rd – Preparing for a Career Fair 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. Vangstad 007 – Learn how to dress, what to talk about, how to close a conversation, follow up

Tues. April 11th – VCSU/UJ Career Fair 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Graichen Gym – click here for more information


Handy Hardware – PT for remainder of school year and FT during the summer – flexible scheduling available – apply in person at 1150 W Main St

 FT Assistant Teachers – Just Kidding Childcare, Valley City – contact Kelly at or call 701-845-1313 – open until filled

 PT Direct Support Professionals – Open Door Center, Valley City – evenings and weekends required – – open until filled

 PT Production Assistant – Open Door Center, Valley City – M-F Shifts – – open until filled

 NDSU Opportunities, Fargo –

Admissions Counselor – closes 3/24

Information Specialist – closes 3/14

Hall Director – open until filled

 PT/FT/Summer Opportunities – Smith Lumber, Valley City – in store, lumber warehouse and greenhouse positions – apply in store or online at – open until filled

 Licensing Specialist – ND Dept. of Transportation, Bismarck – – closes 3/20

 Program Coordinator – Community Options, Inc., Jamestown – – open until filled

 Senior High Social Studies Teacher – Valley City Public Schools – – open until filled

 Business Teacher/Technology Coordinator – Shiloh Christian School, Bismarck – – open until filled

 Grand Forks Public Schools, ND – – open until filled

                English Teacher – Central High School

                Math Teacher – Central High School

                Math Teacher – Red River High School

                Health Teacher – Central High School

                Business Education Teacher – Central High School

                Physical Education Teacher – West & Wilder Elementary Schools               

                Art Teacher – Central High School

 Accounting Assistant – Express Employment Professionals, Fargo – – open until filled

 ND Teaching Positions –

                9-12 Math – Fessenden-Bowdon School District – closes 4/25

                Elementary Teacher – Bowman County Public School – open until filled

                Kindergarten Teacher – Garrison Public Schools – closes 4/15

                PT High School Science – South Prairie Schools, Minot – closes 4/15

                Elementary Teachers (Grades 2, 3, & 5) – South Prairie Schools, Minot – closes 4/5

                High School Math – Grafton Public Schools – open until filled

                High School English Language Arts – Grafton Public Schools – open until filled


US Army Corps of Engineers – Garrison Dam, Riverdale, ND – paid vacation and sick leave, no weekends required – – closes 3/15

Laborers (4)

Park Rangers (3)

 Chemistry/Microbiology Summer Employment – ND Dept. of Health, Bismarck –  – closes 3/24

                Chemistry (3) – placed in chemistry environmental testing labs

                Microbiology (3) – placed in mosquito surveillance program

 Human Resources Internship – Polk County, Crookston, MN – – closes 3/24

 Aquatic Invasive Species Internship – Polk County, Crookston, MN – – closes 3/15

 Sales/Customer Relationship Internship – CH Robinson Worldwide, Inc., Fargo – – open until filled

 Summer Staff – Wisconsin Badger Camp, Platteville, WI – – open until filled


                Nature Director

                Camping and Fishing Director


                Music Director


 Golf Course Maintenance – Bismarck Parks and Recreation – closes 3/13

 Information Systems Technician – Sidney Health Center, Sidney, MT – closes 4/1

 Santa Cruz Valley Unified School District #35 – Rio Rico, AZ – close 4/1

                Elementary Teachers

                Elementary Art

                Middle School Math

                Middle School Language Arts/Social Studies

                Middle School Physical Education

                High School Math

                High School Biology

 Operations Training and Support Specialist – Capital Credit Union, Bismarck – closes 4/1

 Office Administrative Staff – New Freedom Center, Bismarck – closes 3/14

 Administrative Assistant II, Detention – Burleigh County Human Services, Bismarck – closes 3/14

 Financial Advisor – Northwestern Mutual, Fargo or Grand Forks – closes 3/4

 Secondary English Teacher – Mountain View School District #244, Grangeville, Idaho – closes 4/2

 5th and 6th Grade Math Teacher – Tracy Public Schools, Tracy, MN – closes 4/13

 5th and 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher – Tracy Public Schools, Tracy, MN – closes 4/13

 Recruiting and Retention Specialist – Wheat Growers, Aberdeen, SD – closes 4/5

 Temporary Research Specialist – Kelly Services, Moorhead, MN – closes 4/6

 College Financial Representative (Internship) – Northwestern Mutual, Fargo or Grand Forks – closes 3/31

 Conservation Intern – Conservation Corps of Minnesota & Iowa – Bloomington or Walker, MN – closes 3/26

VCSU Alum Founds UTrain App

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 10.21.06 PM.png

Dillan Ostrom, a VCSU alumnus co-founded UTrain

By Sarah Tyre

Entitled. Narcissistic. Cynical. These are all words that have been used to describe millennials. Being a millennial simply means a person is between the ages of 20 and 35, but as with all generations, it can imply a certain persona. This blog highlights the worst of these stereotypes: A simple google search for “millennials” will produce equal parts spiteful and inspiring articles. Technology and social media have been accused of corrupting an entire generation of young professionals. When a study emerges that shines light on successful and inspiring members of this controversial generation, it is a breath of fresh air.

This article from Fortune Magazine ( brings to light a study on millennial entrepreneurs. While technology may be to blame for excessive selfies and cat videos, it is also responsible for the millennial generation’s entrepreneurial success. More millennials are starting companies and having rapid success than previous generations. The reason for their success and negative stereotype is the same: technology.

For millennial VCSU alumnus Dillan Ostrom, technology is not a vice but a victory. Ostrom, along with his business partner Nick Corbett created UTrain (, an app that connects personal trainers with clients all over the country. As personal trainers, Ostrom and Corbett founded UTrain after brainstorming ways to grown their consumer base. Their tech-savvy and grit paved the way to starting a company.

“Back in the day if you were to start a business you didn’t have all these resources. You couldn’t easily go to Squarespace and make a website. Customers couldn’t easily reach out to you,” Ostrom said. The study by BNP on millennial entrepreneurs ( speculates that part of the reason there are more millennial entrepreneurs than prior generations may be that millennials are more comfortable with failure. Millennials are used to starting over. Resilience and tenacity are a perfect combination for entrepreneurs. Ostrom chooses to see failure as a chance to grow.

“If you fail, do not panic. Failure is expected. It teaches you what you did wrong so that you can do it right next time around. If you love what you do, you’ll find a way,” Ostrom said.

Having an idea is the first step to every business. Introducing a new idea and convincing the public of the importance is one of the most challenging aspects of starting a business, according to Ostrom. What’s the remedy for the non-believers? Ostrom says it’s persistence. “It’s just believing in yourself and believing in your idea. If you believe in your idea, that’s going to show.”

Millennials tuned in to the negative static surrounding their generation should listen closely to the opportunity the world they were born into is providing. Starting a business today is as easy as owning a laptop. All it takes is an idea and perseverance.

Co founders of UTrain Dillan Ostrom and Nick Corbett

Menu: Mar. 6th – Mar. 10th

Monday: Macaroni, Ham & Cheese Pie, Italian Vegetable, Knefla soup and Rice Krispy  bars.

 Tuesday: Tater Tot casserole, Mixed Vegetable, Taco Salad wrap and Brownies.

 Wednesday: Beef tacos, Spanish Rice, refried beans, Chef Salad Wrap and Chicken Dumpling Soup.

 Thursday: Baked Potato Bar, Seven Layer Bars and Chipotle Chicken Fajita Wrap.

 Friday: Cooks Choice for the start of Spring break.

Can You Escape?


By Lisa Rush

There is one destination in Fargo, ND that not many people know about, even though it has been around for a couple years now. That destination being the Fargo Escape Room. An escape room according an article done by Lydia Gilbertson “is essentially a real-life version of an RPG/action video game like “Silent Hill” or “Fallout 3.” “I did not even know Fargo had an escape room until about a week ago and I am in Fargo quite frequently,” said Valley City resident, Helen Soma. Eric Johnson said, “I actually attended one of the first escape rooms the Fargo Escape Room had, but that is only because one of my friends had told me about it and invited me.”

According to an article written by Angie Wieck, escape rooms had actually begun in Japan long before they made their way to America. I decided last week that I wanted to experience the escape room for myself so I headed there with a few of my friends. The room my friends I got was called Framed which is about being framed for a bank robbery. One girl in our group, Nissa Crandall, said, “I have been to one of these before and it is pretty fun, as long as you work together as a team.” Right away they told us we couldn’t have our phones since they did not want images getting on the internet.

“The rate of groups who make it out will only be around 20%” according to an article by Kristi Larson. My group was one of those groups in the 80%, aka we lost, big time. Another girl from my group, Krista Engler, said, “The escape room was fun, but I noticed they started the clock while the guy was giving us the background story, meaning we could have started while he was talking.” That is something to remember if you ever decide to attend for yourself. “This is definitely an experience I would recommend to anybody looking for something safe and fun to do” said Sara Engler.

How to Learn French at an Art Museum

By Paula Nilsen


(The Millinery Shop, 1879-1886)

 St. Louis Art Museum is on a mission. Right now that mission is to educate the public into all things French. Whether Francophile or a casual observer, fun can be had for all. The museum is featuring a new exhibit, and the first of its kind, Degas, Impressionism, and the Paris Millinery Trade. Hats abound. Paintings by Degas and Renoir and Moiresette will leave your mouths agape; paintings of Paris millinery shops will stop you in your tracks for their beauty alone.


(Fashionable Women on Champs-Élysées, c. 1902) 

Along with all the works of art, French lessons are offered to the public.  

I met Kent Curry, a member of SLAM for three years now, at a French lesson. He was thrilled to do something so magnificent as to watch Isabelle teach French in front of a Monet. It was a bit of a bucket list item for him, he admitted. One thing that stayed with him is that French people aren’t born French, they are bred French.  


(Monet Water Lilies, c. 1916. Photo Credit: Kent Curry) 

Isabelle started the lesson with French numbers, then she covered famous French sayings like, joie-de-vivre, and French etiquette as well. One such etiquette item of interest is that French people do not touch food with their fingers.  

Joan Jenkins, hostess in the restaurant, spoke highly of the exhibit and wore her hat in celebration. She stated that she had met several people from France at the museum and they were “extremely proper and had sexy accents.”  

Bob and Julia, a mother and son duo, who have been coming to the art museum for decades together loves all things French. Julie stated that she loved the Degas exhibit and found the French women’s hats charming, but the men’s hats quite dull and very black.  


(Bob and Julia) 

SLAM invites you to come and get cultured and learn French in the process. 

It’s Not the Stage that Tells the Story, it’s the Actors

ImageBy Morgan Nalley

Almost spring. Almost the weekend. Almost, Maine. Thursday night’s showing of Almost, Maine by John Cariani, presented by Valley City State University Theater, was a packed house. Audience in seats and Actors on set, the production was under way for the second weekend on the VCSU campus.

According to the Almost, Maine website the story is set on a cold winter’s night, in a small town in Northern Maine. With Northern Lights overhead in the sky, many residents of Almost, Maine are found “falling in and out of love in the strangest ways.”

This production wasn’t that of your typical proscenium stage or thrust theater experience, as listed online by Primer Theaters. Instead, it was produced as a promenade production, where the audience was up close and personal with the set and characters of each scene. All audience members were within just feet of the action and moved from scene to scene as the set changed location throughout the production.

“I liked the fact that you got to be up close to the actors and really feel like you were almost part of the play,” said audience member Dalton Locke.

Some scenes were in hallways, some in larger rooms, and others were outside as the audience watched through the window. This experience wasn’t only unique for the audience members, but for the cast and crew as well.

“They are truly acting – not performing. The performances outdoors separate the actors from the audience,” said Director Jenni Lu Russi. “They are focused on their characters’ interaction, and aren’t responding to audience reaction. The scenes that take place indoors are in an intimate setting which requires the actors to maintain that focus. This is very challenging.”

The casting list consisted of 11 actors: Jolene Woodbury, Ben Kietzman, Kimberly McLagan, Zach Johnson, Preston Teske, Hannah Isakson, Sarah Biggers, Jenna Pommerer, Phil Godel, Gerry Huss, and Katy Spears, many of which played more than one role during the production. “To prepare for the production you need to have commitment, and you as the actor need to be able to work as a team with the other actors,” said cast member Jenna Pommerer. Scene after scene the cast members made it a tough act to follow as they told one love story after another.

“Every production brings a new experience and my favorite part is always creating a new family,” said cast member Katy Spears. “During the rehearsal process I loved the part where we were waiting to start rehearsal, and as a cast we joked around and got a chance to goof off a little.”

VCSU theater prioritizes students’ growth in the field of theater, so a lot of decisions as to what takes place with the planning of the production are made by the students. Almost, Maine provided an opportunity for students to experience contemporary theater, while also learning that they can create theater without a stage or even a big space.



Weekly Job Opportunities: Feb. 27th – Mar. 3rd


Thurs. March 2nd – Job Search Series: Interviewing 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. Vangstad 007 Learn what to expect, how to answer the most common questions, and proper interview etiquette

Mon. March 6th – Mock Interview Day 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Vangstad 020 – Sign up with Career Services by March 3 to reserve a 30-minute mock interview

Thurs. Mar 23rd – Preparing for a Career Fair 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. Vangstad 007 – Learn how to dress, what to talk about, how to close a conversation, follow up

Tues. April 11th – VCSU/UJ Career Fair 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Graichen Gym – click here for more information


PT/FT/Summer Opportunities – Smith Lumber, Valley City – in store, lumber warehouse and greenhouse positions – apply in store or online at – open until filled

Wait Staff – Sabir’s, Valley City – lunch shifts and evening shifts, flexible with school schedules, apply in person – open until filled

Sargent Central High School, Forman, ND – contact Nathan at or 701-724-3205 – open until filled

                Science Teacher

                Special Education Teacher

Activity Assistant – Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society, Mandan – – open until filled

Campus Safety Officer – University of Mary, Bismarck – open until filled

Account Specialist – Tri-Steel Manufacturing Company, Grand Forks – send resume to – open until filled

Police Officer – City of Valley City – – closes 3/10

Accounts Payable – Ryan Family Dealerships, Minot – – open until filled

ND Teaching positions –

                Special Education Teacher – Solen Public Schools – closes 5/20

                Elementary Teacher – Beulah Public Schools – closes 5/31

                Elementary Science Teacher – Minto Public School – open until filled

                Elementary Music Teacher – Kindred School District – closes 5/17

                Elementary Teacher – Kindred School District – closes 5/17


Internship with Exotic Cats – Eureka Springs, AK – – closes 4/1

Marketing Communications Intern – CHS, Inc., Starbuck, MN – – open until filled

Fitness & Wellness Intern – Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN – unpaid, CPR/First Aid certification required – – open until filled

NISC, Mandan – – open until filled

Technical Services Intern

                Software Development Intern

                Corporate Services Intern


Water Quality Intern – ND Dept. of Health, Bismarck – – closes 3/24

Tennis Program Coordinator – Jamestown Parks & Recreation, Jamestown – – open until filled

Icelandic State Park, Cavalier, ND – – open until filled

                Park Rangers

                Park Attendants

                Park Interpreters



Programmer, Analyst – Arvig Enterprises, Perham, MN – closes 3/5

Math Teacher – Bismarck Public Schools – closes 3/7

Marketing, Content Creator and Coordinator – Arvig Enterprises, Perham, MN – closes 3/10

Video Journalist – KXMB, Bismarck – closes 3/26

English Teacher – Bismarck Public Schools – closes 3/10

Math/6th Grade Long Term Sub – New Prague Area Schools, New Prague, MN – closes 3/7

English Teacher with Debate – Madison Central School District #39-2, Madison, SD – closes 3/13

Digital Media Strategist – Midco, Fargo/Sioux Falls/Minneapolis – closes 3/31

Management Intern – Blue Line Bar and Grill, Hatton, ND – closes 4/1

App of the Week: Instant Buttons

By Shannon VanHorn, Director of Distance Learning and Faculty Development

A couple of years ago, I attended a conference in which the presentation was a bit dry. She was presenting a lot of technical info, and when she asked us a question, it was dead silent.

Then we heard it: Crickets!

But it was too late in the year for crickets to be around.

The sound of crickets was coming from her phone, which she was also using as a remote. From just a push of a finger, she created that sound when no one was answering her question.  Finally someone did, and there was applause coming from her phone.

She then told us all about Instant Buttons.

Instant Buttons is a fun app that can be used to create sound for the mood of the moment.  From a sad trombone to Ferrell’s “Happy,” from television theme shows such as “Big Bang Theory,” “HIMYM,” “Batman,” and “The Flintstones” to characters, such as Chewbacca, Santa, and Homer Simpson, this app is entertaining and can humor to many situations.

You can create a favorites list, hide those you do not like, and even create your own sound buttons.

Instant buttons can be found in the App store, Google Play, and Galaxy Apps for quick downloading, and are supported by Crema games.  Got a great idea for a sound? Let Crema know and they may include in their upgrades.

Warning: the buttons are addicting.

Check it out and see which ones you like!

Menu: Feb 27th – Mar.

Monday: Chicken Fried Steak, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Steamed Corn, Cream Cheese Brownies, Knefla Soup.

 Tuesday: We are celebrating Mardi Gras!!! Cajun Cooking. Red Beans & Rice, Cajun Buttered Corn on the Cobb, Jalapeno Corn Bread, Fried Chicken Poboy’s on the wrap station, Shrimp Creole on the Saute, Caramel Cheese Cake and Bacon and Beer Brownie Cup Cakes.

 Wednesday: Chicken Noodle Bowl, California Blend, Baja Fish Tacos for Ash Wednesday and Lemon Bars.

 Thursday: Thai Bbq. Chicken, Vegetable Lo Mein, Broccoli and Whoopie Pies.

 Friday: Lent Lunch Crispy Fried Cod, Long Grain Wild Rice, Winter Blend Vegetable, Spicy Italian Sandwich and Blueberry Crisp.