Can You Escape?


By Lisa Rush

There is one destination in Fargo, ND that not many people know about, even though it has been around for a couple years now. That destination being the Fargo Escape Room. An escape room according an article done by Lydia Gilbertson “is essentially a real-life version of an RPG/action video game like “Silent Hill” or “Fallout 3.” “I did not even know Fargo had an escape room until about a week ago and I am in Fargo quite frequently,” said Valley City resident, Helen Soma. Eric Johnson said, “I actually attended one of the first escape rooms the Fargo Escape Room had, but that is only because one of my friends had told me about it and invited me.”

According to an article written by Angie Wieck, escape rooms had actually begun in Japan long before they made their way to America. I decided last week that I wanted to experience the escape room for myself so I headed there with a few of my friends. The room my friends I got was called Framed which is about being framed for a bank robbery. One girl in our group, Nissa Crandall, said, “I have been to one of these before and it is pretty fun, as long as you work together as a team.” Right away they told us we couldn’t have our phones since they did not want images getting on the internet.

“The rate of groups who make it out will only be around 20%” according to an article by Kristi Larson. My group was one of those groups in the 80%, aka we lost, big time. Another girl from my group, Krista Engler, said, “The escape room was fun, but I noticed they started the clock while the guy was giving us the background story, meaning we could have started while he was talking.” That is something to remember if you ever decide to attend for yourself. “This is definitely an experience I would recommend to anybody looking for something safe and fun to do” said Sara Engler.

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